A Safe Place For Abuse Children

Trust. Healing. Justice. That’s the motto around Bivona Child Advocacy Center.  A center dedicated for helping children escape, heal, and learn to trust again after enduring any and all forms of sexual and physical abuse. This center is one of the only outlets for child-abuse victims in the entire Rochester area. This center identifies child abuse victims and works with them and their families to ensure that justice is served so the healing process can begin.


In the United States alone approximately 899,000 children are abused every day. The number of these families that see justice for the abuse is very slim. Only 10%, to be exact. It’s unbelievable and unnerving that over 800,000 of these child abuse cases go unreported and don’t see justice done. This is one of the reasons why Bivona Child Advocacy Center was originated. At Bivona, the families of child abuse victims can rest well knowing that a team of doctors, forensics specialists, and lawyers have been put together to see justice through. And, as you can imagine, providing these services to the community of Rochester can require a great amount of funding and space.

This is the very reason that I have teamed up with my wife, Nicole, and my Allstate firm in Rochester. To help bring awareness and raise funds for this extremely important service center in the Rochester community. Recently, Bivona purchased a new building to have enough space for their vital services. The building they are in now has inhibited them greatly in helping the children and families of child-abuse victims heal, trust, and see justice. The Bivona crew NEEDS this new center to be able to provide their services to the ever prevelant population of victims in the Rochester area. The cost to renovate this new space is just too much for Bivona as you can imagine. That’s why we need your help. Please help us to keep the fight against child abuse alive by donating today. Every penny counts.

Mark and Nicole DiRaddo


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