Help Michelle Battle Cancer

Michelle an amazing wife and mother of three sons, was diagnosed with cancer, Stage IV Melanoma, this past December. Her cancer is incurable and cannot be removed. She’s undergoing surgery with the hope that the masses will not grow and possibly shrink.


Unfortunately, Michelle is unable to work at this time. The masses in her chest cavity are pushing against her lungs and making it difficult for her to breathe, so she is mostly confined in bed. Michelle and her family are blessed to have good health insurance that is covering most of the costs of her treatment, but they are definitely going to need help paying their bills.






We are raising funds to help Michelle’s family bills, since she is unable to work and has a mortgage, car payments and three boys at home.


We would also love to donate to this great cause on your behalf...
Just recommend friend's and family to our agency for a quote on any insurance policy!



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